augusti 25, 2019
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Customers rush to Blockhomes in Burundi

  • mars 12, 2019
  • Redaktionen

Last week Blockhomes electrification project in Burundi opened up for registration of customers. The team visited the homes of potential customers in the Kabonga area, where the first power plant for renewable energy will be built to serve the local population. The area has never had access to electricity before.

Blockhomes have expanded its renewable energy solutions to Africa, and the first area it has been appointed to electrify is Kabonga in southern Burundi, East Africa. In the part of the area covered so far Blockhomes have already 2.000 signed customers with a total predicted consumption of 2,7 MW.

By the shores of the lake there is wind power to be exploited by wind mills (plus land for the solar power plant), and since Blockhomes specialty is the combination of water, wind and solar power the need for storage becomes less – and therefore more economical. The power will be distributed through a modern smart grid with an app-based pre-pay system, which will ensure an effective and secure payment for Blockhomes.

“The population has been very positive. They have waited long to be able to participate in the development and now when they see that it will become a reality, they have been very positive. They have even been ignited by creativity and it is wonderful to listen to all new business ideas that pops up here now” – Peter Rinaldo – COO Blockhomes