maj 20, 2019
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Economic hubbing based on Blockchain in the Heart of Africa

  • februari 27, 2019
  • Redaktionen

The Swedish company Blockhomes develop affordable modern high-tech housing combined with self-sufficient renewable energy systems. As this combination have advantages in developing remote areas that has never been electrified before, Blockhomes has now started to establish a business in Burundi, East Africa.

Burundi is located in East Africa. Just west of Tanzania at the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika.

By generating clean and renewable energy within the setting of a sustainable economy Blockhomes will play a central role in the development of Burundis future economy and tourism industry. The company has received the opportunity to create two Crypto Nations in Burundi, one by Lake Tanganyika and one by Kibira Natural Forest. Each Crypto Nation will contain of both vacational and permanent housing but will also become strong commercial hubs of blockchain economics.

The Crypto Nation concept combine sustainable living with blockchain technology and smart contracts, including crypto currency and internet access. Bypassing last century economics, Burundi can now go straight into the future by develop these prospering hubs of sustainable economics. As areas with a high solar factor from now on Burundi also will enjoy an economic advantage.

– I was here on site as a reporter during the genocide in 1994 and have seen the development up close since then. The national mind set has transformed into a friendly and innovative optimism. This, in combination with the preconditioning environment, results in that Burundi can take an economic advantage of the Blockchain technology and available energy sources. We are now very pleased to get the confidence to assist Burundi in developing its future business hubs and tourism industry, says Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes.