december 12, 2019
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  • Minister of Energy endorsed Blockhomes Burundi as a local development partner

Minister of Energy endorsed Blockhomes Burundi as a local development partner

  • april 15, 2019
  • Redaktionen

Last Friday the Governor and the Mayor of Nyanza Lac received the Minister of Energy at a tree planting ceremony in Kabonga, South of Burundi. At the ceremony the Minister congratulated the regional leadership for choosing to work with Blockhomes Burundi regarding the electrification of the area. He even recommended the local leaders to extend the work with Blockhomes Burundi to other areas of local development, like education and housing.

The business idea of Blockhomes Burundi is to create economic growth by sustainable development through electrification, high speed internet and modern blockchain financing based on human ethics of fair trade. This is done through the blockchain technique supplied by Blockhomes mother company, Sprinkle.

The powerful Fintech 2.0 system combined with smart contracts supplied by the Sprinkle Group take away the middle hands and replace the old capital based system with modern sustainable win-win-economics.

Combined with high end education programs in modern economics and affordable housing Blockhomes Burundi´s business idea is built on long term development and growth. This gives it a strong advantage compared to more traditional businesses. By providing the basic services needed for local development, economic growth within the company goes hand in hand with local economic growth.

– By creating profit to our investors by facilitating local development and growth as a synergy effect of our actions we are a reliable and nonvolatile investors alternative. Let’s keep it simple and free copy. Fair play, fair pay & Win-win. That’s the future, säger Peter Rinaldo, CEO Blockhomes Burundi.